Baseball’s greatest July 4th moment…

Even this Red Sox fan gets a little choked up during Lou Gehrig’s speech.
I have never seen the whole speech because at one point he references the New York Giants who also were on hand to honor him.

Ken Burns, as always, captured it best in Baseball.

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An NL Central Scenario

Let’s just say the Diamondbacks win a series in Milwaukee. It’s possible. Milwaukee has been having a rough stretch. Let’s say they lose 2 of 3

And let’s say the Cardinals lose a series to the Reds… it’s possible. The Cardinals have been up and down and the Reds have a chip on their shoulder. Lets say the Reds take 2 of 3

And let’s say the Pirates take 2 of 3 against the Astros… the worst team in baseball

Then the Brewers would be 46-42. The Cardinals would be 46-42. The Pirates would be 45-42. And the Reds would be 45-43.

Not only would 4 teams be all within one game in the loss column from first place in the NL Central… But the Pirates would be tied for first in the loss column in July!

Could it be?
Can it be?
Are the Pirates pennant contenders?
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