Hey Hagerstown Suns… you screwed up, you dummies!

Hey look at that! The Hagerstown Suns official site finally has an on line store to buy Bryce Harper merchandise.

Nice job.
I told you guys to do that in March when he was assigned to Hagerstown.
I told you to do it in April when he made his debut.

Those were going to be the only times that the National Media would be focused on the Hagerstown Suns and the potential superstar and biggest draw the Suns would EVER see could be the focus of a lot of merchandise.

And there was no merchandise to buy then.
Your toys were NOT ready for Christmas day.

Well guess what?

He’s gone now!
He’s no longer a Hagerstown Sun. He is a Harrisburg Senator!
That was your chance.

And guess what the Senators have?

It’s not rocket science, folks.

Hey Suns, good luck getting a high profile prospect with national attention showing up to Hagerstown.

Maybe if you win the lottery AGAIN, you won’t screw it up!

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