The lady in the silver dress was the MVP

Sure Josh Beckett and Jeff Neimann threw amazing games.
Yeah Dustin Pedroia provided ALL the offense and some dazzling defense as well.
And yeah Alfredo Aceves was great out of the pen.

But let’s give a standing ovation to the REAL MVP of the game.
The woman sitting behind home plate in the silver dress.

She was with her man and said “If we are going to the Trop, I am looking good.”
She wore something Beyonce would wear in Dreamgirls.

And it was an 8PM start on a Sunday night. She stayed all 9 innings.
And when the game went into extras, she stayed there.
She never said “Let’s go home.”
She never forced the issue.

She was there for all 16 innings.
How do I know?

Because the screen grab above was from when Pedroia drove in the only run in the 16th.
She stayed.
She stayed in that silver dress.

And let me compliment her on not only her sense of style, but her dedication.

You, dear lady in the silver dress, were the player of the game!

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