The Yankees scored 17 runs?
So what?
They couldn’t gain any ground.

As for the Red Sox? They keep chipping away at the Magic Number. And while Paul McCartney maybe have sung in Yankee Stadium, he might as well be singing about the Red Sox magic number… which is 64!

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Don’t lose focus, Pirates

The biggest 20 game stretch in nearly 20 years for the Pirates got off to a fuzzy start last night. As in 4 runs down before they could even come to bat.
As in 2 first inning home runs.

Yeah, they played them well the rest of the game, but that’s a rough way to begin a potential make or break stretch of games.


Have Kevin Correia throw a solid game tomorrow and get back on your feet.
If you need to let up 2 first inning homers, have them be solo shots.

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I am telling you, look out for the White Sox

Normally you don’t have to worry about sub .500 teams in late July. But I wrote this the other week and I am standing by it now. Yeah, the White Sox were flat in Kansas City. Maybe that foul ball to the face of Ozzie Guillen woke this team up.

OK, that analogy makes no sense. The White Sox lost the game where Ozzie got hit in the face.

Tonight’s win in Cleveland helped them creep a little bit closer. I have been clear on who I am rooting for in the AL Central. When in doubt I root for Cleveland. Their fans need a hug.

But the White Sox are just four games behind the Indians in the loss column for second place. And take a look at how they won tonight. Gavin Floyd pitched into the 8th in the White Sox shut out.

Carlos Quentin homered. Even Adam Dunn, who has hit so badly that he looks like a guy wearing a uniform at fantasy camp, got 2 hits. (Any word on why Dunn is batting CLEAN UP?)

If this team can start pitching, and tonight was a good indication that they can, then they could be in second place before you know it. And they play Detroit next.

If they can win both of those series, then this could very well be a three way race.

Keep an eye on them. Ozzie’s boys are a sneaky bunch.

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