10-4 Good Buddy

I DVRed today’s game after spending the day hiking with my family and then going to the beach. And when I came back, I had no idea what had happened. John Lackey could have thrown a perfect game. Sabathia could have struck out 26. Jeter could have reached 4,000 hits.

So I was a smidge nervous starting the game. Sox and Yankee games can go a long long time. And this one was slower than Big Papi running to first on a routine grounder.

I will admit. Yesterday’s game was kind of boring.

I needed a nice, sound 10-4 win.
The Sox beat up Sabathia again. (They lose with Lester and win with Lackey. Go figure.)

Ellsbury continues to make his case for MVP.

And the Sox are back in first place, albeit tied.

So I get to be a good family man and enjoy my Sox too.

Go for not only the series tomorrow but the SEASON series as well. And I will be watching THAT live!
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