New Sully Baseball Video "John Sterling Through History"

In the latest Sully Baseball Video, I try to imagine what John Sterling’s home run calls would have been like through history.
It’s scary stuff.

As always, all the videos can be seen on The Sully Baseball Short Form TV channel.

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Tigers won… Tigers will continue to win

The Tigers are in.
The Tigers are celebrating a Division Champion.

And let me say it right here and now. This will NOT their only mob.
The Tigers are going to the ALCS.

If it is the Red Sox or Yankees, it’s not going to matter. Verlander is going to win Games 1 and if needed 5 in the Division Series.

Then their bats could slap the Red Sox and Yankees #3 and #4 starters.

Savor this Tiger fans.
But in case you missed tonight, don’t worry. There will be more piles.

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Reason to hope for the Champs?

What’s THIS?
The Giants won.
The Diamondbacks lost.

The World Champs are 6 games back.
That’s too much, right?

Wait a second…
Let’s say the Champs do well against the Rockies and the Padres show some resolve against Arizona.

And then let’s say the Giants slap the Dodgers around next week.

Let’s say it is possible for the Giants chop Arizona’s lead to 4 or 5.

Then on the 23rd, 24th and 25th the Giants play the Diamondbacks.
What happens if the Giants sweep that series?

I’m just saying….
The defending Champs are still defending….

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