Less than 30,000 at a potential elimination playoff game?

I know I am beating a dead horse here…
But less than 30,000 at a playoff game?

Yes, I know Tropicana Field isn’t located in the best place.
Yes, I know times are tough.
Yes, I know the start time was early.

This Rays team is one of the most exciting teams in baseball and they are on the verge of elimination.

28,299 showed up!

I’m not saying “Standing Room Only” at the Trop.
Heaven forbid.

But have 30,000 fans. You are a major league city. The team is a playoff team for the third time in four years.

They should be the talk of baseball.
Instead? They get fewer than 29,000 for a do or die game.

Good for those who showed up. But you never know how long this great run will last in St. Pete.

Why not go and savor it NOW?

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Michael X. Ferraro returns to The Sully Baseball Show

Author, TV producer and friend of Sully Baseball, Michael X. Ferraro stopped by the Sully Baseball Show podcast tonight.

We discussed the Red Sox collapse, the Phillies hopes and why Cub fans should get more grief than Phillies fans.

It is the second hour of the Seamheads block on Monday night after What’s On Second, the flagship show of the Seamheads National Podcasting Network.

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