Has Ron Roenicke taken Randy Wolf out yet?

Seriously, I think Randy Wolf is still on the Chase Field pitchers mound.
After the Brewers quickly cut a 5-1 hole down to 5-3, I would have had Wolf on the shortest leash possible.

Like “next batter who gets on, adios.”
Goldschmidt (whose name SOUNDS like a brewer) got on and stole second.
When Young walked I thought “There is no way to leave him in there.”

A base hit by Cowgill and 2 runs later and it was back to 7-3.

I’m not saying that cost the Brewers the game, but they were taking momentum back.
And now they have to fly back to Milwaukee where best case scenario has them NOT having Gallardo in the NLCS until Game 3. And the WORST case scenario has them wondering “How did we blow a 2-0 hole.”

You can get off the mound now, Randy.
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