A strange universe for the Yankees

The Yankees have just finished a playoff series and are getting ready to hit the golf course.
And their year ended in Bizarro World manner.

Who fizzled for the Yankees?
CC Sabathia did.
So did Jeter for the most part. And Teixeira. And A-Rod. And Swisher.

Who came through in the clutch?
That would be A. J. Burnett.

The Yankees outhit the Tigers and had an ERA 2 runs lower than the Tigers… and yet lost the series.

Strange days indeed… most peculiar mamma.

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Some perspective from my son

I watched the end of the Yankees/Tigers game with my sons. My boy Matty, who is starting to figure out baseball, was rooting for the Tigers because “they have the strongest legs.”

When the game ended with Alex Rodriguez striking out he saw how happy the Tigers were.

But he also saw how sad the Yankees were.

“Why are they so sad?” He asked.

“Because they lost and their season is over.” I replied.

“Well the Yankees should know it isn’t about winning but about having lots of fun!” Matty replied.

I nodded.

I wonder how that sentiment will go over in the Yankee front office.

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I actually feel sorry for Alex Rodriguez

There’s a great scene in All The President’s Men when Deep Throat admonishes Woodward for going after Haldeman too quickly. He said “You’ve done worse than let Haldeman slip away. You’ve got people feeling sorry for him. I didn’t think that was possible.”

I thought of that line in the aftermath of the Yankees – Tigers series in regards to Alex Rodriguez.

Congrats Yankee fans… you’ve done the impossible.
You’ve made Alex Rodriguez a person I feel pity for.

He had a miserable series. There is no denying that. A .111 average is bad.
A .111 slugging is morbid. A .372 OPS is downright laughable.

Striking out 3 times in a do or die game is bad… especially when the last strike out feebly ends the series.

But A-Rod is not alone. The Yankees had 10 hits and 3 walks against four Detroit pitchers NOT named Justin Verlander… and scored 2 runs. One on a solo homer. Another on a 2 out bases loaded walk.

Twice they left the bases loaded. And Nick Swisher, Mark Teixeira and Russell Martin had series they’d rather forget.

So would CC Sabathia who looked mediocre in his Game 3 start and didn’t exactly pull a “Pedro out of the bullpen in 1999” miracle when he coughed up a critical insurance run last night.

And Girardi did a little too much managing with the relievers and not enough bringing in a fresh bat or two.

Blame goes all around.
Except it is falling on the shoulders of Alex Rodriguez.

Fans were chanting “A-Rod sucks.” The internet exploded with people trashing A-Rod and saying how he’s always been a choke artist.

One lunatic I saw posting about how the team is cursed because of A-Rod.

Um… didn’t the Yankees win the World Series in 2009?
Wasn’t Alex Rodriguez the hero of that post season? Didn’t he have 2, count them TWO, home runs in potential game ending innings that tied the game?

Didn’t he win the Babe Ruth Award for most valuable player of the post season?

All that is in the dumpster.
Usually leading a team to a World Series title buys you a lifetime of goodwill.

It bought Alex Rodriguez 23 months.
Now evidently he’s a bum again.

Even with the steroid scandal, 29 other fan bases would KILL to have a 2 time MVP who lead their team to a World Series title less than 2 years ago.

With the Yankee fan base it is “We want more. 23 months is too long to wait for a title.”

Obviously it is not every Yankee fan who thinks this. My Yankee obsessed friend (and frequent Sully Baseball guest) Lisa Swan of Subway Squawkers took her fellow Bronx fans to task in her latest post.

And yes, she is quoting yours truly in the article as the Red Sox fan. If you are a Yankee fan, then yes boo A-Rod’s performance last night. It sucked.

But if you act like he hasn’t EVER delivered or that 2 years is a drought worthy of angst, then know that you are why so many people root for the Yankees to lose.

Even when things are going great, it isn’t enough.
The Yankee fans chanting A-Rod sucks are no different than a bratty girl screaming that she only got one pony at her birthday party.

I feel badly for Alex Rodriguez. He thought he earned your love and you are changing the rules.

He’d be a God in Seattle or Texas.
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