My son Matty is so far DEAD ON

Before the playoffs I made my playoff predictions and compared them to my 2 sons, my mother in law and a coin flip.
With this wildly unpredictable playoffs, who could have foreseen the rampaging Rays would be cut short and the heavily favored Phillies to fall to the Cardinals?
That would be my son Matty!
His Division Series picks?
Tigers over the Yankees… correct.
Rangers over the Rays… correct.
Brewers over the Diamondbacks… correct.
And the big one…
The Cardinals over the Phillies… correct.
His reasoning isn’t stat related. He picked the Tigers to win the Division Series (and the ALCS and World Series for that matter) because tigers have strong legs.
Hey, make fun of his method.
Did YOU pick the Cardinals over the Phillies?
Good news for the Brewers and Tigers… Matty picked them for the World Series.
Stay tuned.

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