Ortiz to Yankees?…. oh why not?

It just keeps getting worse for a Red Sox fan.
Each day I wake up there is another factor to throw on to the “Winning 2 World Series should buffer the pain of this” pile.

You have the great collapse.
You have that agonizing last day.
You have the dismissal of Francona.
You have Theo jumping ship.
You have the disgusting character assassination of Francona.
You have the realization that the players remaining were gutless down the stretch.
You have to fear that the corporate stooges are going to turn the Red Sox into the Mets… expensive, old and non contending.

And today?
Ortiz says he might jump ship to the Yankees.

It’s not going to happen. Not because of some team loyalty but because it makes sense for the Yankees to make Alex Rodriguez their full time DH.

But can anyone be stunned anymore?
Can anything else even rile us Red Sox fans up?

Right now, I am in full Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump mode, screaming at the rain and wind. “You Call This A Storm!”

I can take anything.

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