Don’t look now… but we’ve got an NLCS!

Did anyone tell the Brewers that travel day was TOMORROW and not tonight?
Seriously, how sloppy were they?

Well what it means is that the Brewers need to win on Sunday to make this an awesome 7 game series.

I’ll tell you what it also means.
It means that the Cardinals have NOTHING to lose.

On August 24th, the Cardinals were just 4 games above .500 and 10 games behind the Brewers for the Central and 10 1/2 games behind the Braves for the Wild Card.

They had just 32 games left. The Cardinals were still behind the Giants for the Wild Card.

Now here we are and the Cardinals are 1 win from the World Series.
If they get no hit in Games 6 & 7 who could say ANYTHING bad against him.

No pressure Milwaukee.
Go home. Win on Sunday. And we’ll have a whole lot of awesome for Monday.

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