The official Sully Baseball World Series prediction…

This is my official World Series prediction.
Don’t confuse this with my dreadful prediction made on the eve of the playoffs!
I had neither the Rangers nor the Cardinals making it through the Division Series.

Can you imagine if I went back in time and said after a few innings of Game 2 of the Cardinals – Phillies series and of the Rays – Rangers series that the World Series would be St. Louis vs. Texas?

Both the Phillies and Rays looked like they were a lock to go up 2-0 with early leads.

Now here we are with an all middle of the country World Series!

I’ve underestimated the Cardinals all post season.
Then again I’ve also underestimated the Rangers (I picked the Tigers to win the ALCS.)

In other words I’ve been as wrong as you can get.

So my instinct says “Pick the Rangers to win in 6.”
And I can’t.

I am going against my gut and as my picture might indicate to you… I’m smiling next to Ozzie Smith.

So here we go.


So if you are a betting man, you might put all your money on the Rangers.
Except remember that my INSTINCTS said to pick the Rangers. So either way you are screwed.

Now I am ROOTING for the Rangers, but these Cardinals have nothing to lose. So I am predicting that all logic and reason will fly out of the window and the Cardinals will be World Champs.

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