NOW we have a World Series!

I won’t lie to you. When the game was 1-0 Cardinals going into the 9th, I thought “This is going to SUCK!”

Not the game. The game itself was a well played, well pitched ballgame. It was tight. It was tense. It was classic post steroids baseball. In other words… BASEBALL.

But in terms of the outcome of the World Series and my desire to see the Series tied 2-2 after 4 games, it sucked big time.

Yet another World Series was in danger of being lopsided after 4 games. Yet another World Series was going to be an anti climax, even if the games were well played. But Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus getting on base against Jason Motte and coming around to score and Neftali Feliz holding the Cardinals saved the World Series.

For the first time since Rivera blew the 2001 World Series we had a team come back to win a World Series game they trailed after 8.

And while it would have been cool to see Allen Craig become a pinch hitter World Series MVP, it is better for baseball to see this Series up in the air after 2.

Now split the next 2 and guess what? We might have ourselves a potential classic World Series.

I still want the Rangers to win the World Series.
But in Game 4 I am rooting for whomever lost Game 3.

Baseball needs a World Series classic.
2 games in and 2 one run games in, we are off to a good start.
The next two are key.

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