Hey Colby Rasmus! Where did you watch the game?

Hey! If you could have not pulled a Diva act and whined your way out of St. Louis, you might be a World Series champ!

But I’m sure you made the right decision.

These Cardinals seemed like a really tough group to play with.

And yeah, the Cardinals made such a bad move dealing a pain in the ass player with one pretty good season under his belt for pitching depth.

Rasmus is going to get a World Series ring.
I hope LaRussa presents it to him on his middle finger.

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If this WAS Pujols’ last game… you can not blame him

Pujols is probably going to return…
The Cardinals could finally become a National Brand.

But it also makes sense if he says “I’ve done EVERYTHING I can possibly do in St. Louis. Maybe I need a new challenge.”

The new owner of the Dodgers would want to show the fan base that they spend money on the team instead of on their homes. (And I assume they won’t blame victims when they get beaten in their poorly lit and lightly secured parking lots.)

Bringing in Albert Pujols makes all the short term sense in the world for the Dodgers.

If he goes to Chavez Ravine, then I not only don’t want to hear CARDINALS fans boo him but I also want to hear nobody in all of baseball boo him.

If he wants to get top dollar, he has done everything he could have possibly done in St. Louis.

But I said all of that before.

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