Sharing an all time classic with my dad

The Game 6 classic was truly one of the greatest baseball games I ever saw in my life. It was insane. It was bonkers.

By the 6th inning with all the errors I thought “This is one nutty game.”
Then the home runs…
Then the Cardinals came back down to their last strike…
Then Hamilton homered…
Then the Cardinals came back down to their last strike AGAIN…
Then they won.

It was so obviously a classic. I was kind of shaking when the game was over. And I desperately wanted to talk to someone.

I called my dad. Now I had no idea if my dad was watching the game recorded.
“Dad, how much time did you leave at the end?”
“Normal length. Why did it go long?”

I paused. I knew there was NO WAY he was going to record the whole thing. He would be watching it and somewhere it would run out.

“Yeah dad. It went long.”

So I proceeded to tell my dad all about the game.

I could build the suspense and hear my dad saying “No!” or “Oh my god!” as I told him how the Cardinals kept creeping closer and coming back.

And then I described the finale.
Long pause.

My dad said “Wow.”

And then we started talking about the greatest World Series games we ever saw.

Clearly this was a top 5 game for me.
And my dad experienced it with me telling him the highlights by cell phone.

And in a wonderful way, I got to experience it again… but this time it was a gift to my dad.

And THAT is a Fall Classic.

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