Step one to returning the Blue Jays back to glory?
Have them dress like champs.
They have FINALLY dumped the awful JAYS uniform that made them look like a Short Season Single A team.
They have gone back to the distinct and unique look of their glory years.
The Blue Jays have a cool identity. They are NOT a tradition laced team. They are a relatively new team and a foreign team. Why they would have run away from a cool look and feel is beyond me.
I have been advocating returning to the old look for a while now.
Then again, I ALSO said they should have rehired Cito Gaston and they did.
Maybe the Blue Jays should keep listening to me.
They look good. They have some talent and there is a new Wild Card team. Could be some fun times in Toronto.
If you are going to party like it is 1992 and 1993, then DRESS like it is 1992 or 1993!!!

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