McCourt’s Spending Spree

When Matt Kemp signed his insanely long contract extension, it struck me as odd that Frank McCourt was still front and center.

Isn’t he about to sell the team?
Isn’t the McCourt era coming to a merciful ending?

But then I thought “HE’S A GENIUS!”
Seriously, he wants to get good will going with Dodger fans so he’s going on a spending spree.

Watch him offer Albert Pujols 20 years… and C. J. Wilson $19 million a year… and Jose Reyes part ownership of the team…

What does HE care? He’s not going to pay for it! So walks out the door, having brought every big free agent to L.A. and it’s up to Orel Hershiser or whomever takes over the team to sort it all out.

What a way to go!

Basically, Frank McCourt is leaving the Dodgers by recreating Brewster’s Millions.

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