Prince Fielder… Just accept arbitration

Seriously… it’s time to punt.
The market isn’t there right now.

It must stink to know your big payday isn’t here yet. But the Marlins have spent their money. The Cardinals have closed up their payroll. The Rangers are focused on Yu Darvish and pitching. The Nationals wasted their dough on Jayson Werth and have too many options at first. The Cubs are going to try and see if Anthony Rizzo can cut it. The Red Sox and Yankees have first basemen and the Dodgers and Mets are a mess.

Take arbitration with the Brewers and have a kick butt season and try it again next year.
The fans might boo you. Smack a few homers and they’ll love you.

The Mariners will have money to spend. Rizzo might not have worked in Chicago. The Nationals could be ready. The Dodgers might have a new owner willing to spend and the Mets could have their act together and the Blue Jays might have taken a step towards contending.

Try again next year… put up awesome numbers as usual.
You might have to wait a year for that 9 figure deal.

It’s a nice problem to have.

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