The 2012 Sully Baseball Hall of Fame ballot

I don’t have a Hall of Fame vote. That is a tragedy. Someday that will be changed. But for now all I can do is type from my blog and say who I WOULD vote for if I had a ballot.

Not one of the 13 new names on the ballot should be back on next year. No offense to Tim Salmon, Javy Lopez, Bernie Williams, Terry Mulholland, Ruben Sierra et al. They had wonderful careers but none of them came close to a Hall of Fame career.

(Bernie Williams for a stretch was an elite player, as was Sierra. But they didn’t have the resume.)

There are some names on the ballot who were great for a stretch but not enough for the Hall (Sorry Dale Murphy and Don Mattingly.)

Some who were really good but not quite immortal level (Sorry Fred McGriff and Larry Walker.)

And there are the specialists who just missed my ballot but I will listen to the arguments pros and cons (Sorry Edgar Martinez and Lee Smith.)

And yeah, I went there before and I’ll go there again… Jeff Bagwell smells fishy to me. His transformation just sounds too familiar to me. Blame McGwire if you don’t like it.

So who WOULD I have on the ballot?

He could do it all and did it with class and dignity. An MVP, a great hitter and terrific defender, he was the National League’s best shortstop for a decade.

I know he isn’t getting in, yet I still turn on the light for his eligibility. I understand the stats against him and yet I’d still want him starting a big game over several other Hall of Famers. I am sure my support for him means a lot to Morris.

An elite player for a Hell of a lot longer than most of you remember. He deserves to get in.

As I said earlier, his resume is virtually identical to Larkin’s.

I think only Larkin will get the call tomorrow.
The other three deserve that call.
I have no control on the matter… yet.

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