Welcome to the Red Sox, Clayton Mortensen

OK, show of hands, Red Sox fans.
How many of you heard of Clayton Mortensen before today?

I can’t raise my hand. He’s 27 years old and has been bounced around a few times.

He had a 9.42 ERA in 64 innings last year… in AAA.
That’s disconcerting.
But he pitched OK for the Rockies in 16 games.

And he was a decent enough prospect in the A’s and Cardinals system that maybe he can be a decent arm out of the pen.

I for one am sad to see Marco Scutaro go. I liked him. He played hard and played anywhere on the infield. Plus it is fun to hear Boston fans say “MAH-co.”

In fact because this trade happened on the Eve of the Patriots/Ravens game, I am guessing that most Sox fans missed this trade… and come spring training when Jose Iglesias is struggling, a bunch of Sox fans will say “Wheh is MAH-co?”

And when informed that he is with the Rockies in exchange for Clayton Mortensen, the general response will be “WHO?”

And then there will be a frantic Google Search that will lead you all to this page.

Good luck, Clayton. You need a nickname.
Pitch well and we’ll forget MAH-Co.

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