The A’s just got a little bit more interesting in 2012.
At least every single baseball fan can name one player in A’s camp this year.

I know we all said good bye to Manny Ramirez last year and we’re supposed to just shake our heads and say “Damn idiot flunked two tests!”

But in an odd way, I’m glad he’s back… at least for the 3 weeks that he’ll play for the A’s before flaming out.

It won’t be boring.

And hey, it only cost Billy Beane a minor league contract and an autographed copy of the Moneyball DVD.

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Yup… it’s real, Cardinal fans

He’s an Angel.
Albert Pujols belongs to another team.

For some reason it just seems real when spring training starts, more so than any press conference.

It looks odd.
I remember when Pedro left the Red Sox for the Mets, I never quite accepted it until I saw him in Spring Training.

I can’t imagine what a 15 year old Cardinal fan who probably has no memory of a St. Louis team WITHOUT Albert must be feeling.

Take the solace that I had when I saw Pedro wearing an odd uniform:

The last time he played for MY team, he was winning a World Championship. (Both in St. Louis!)

And three seasons later, a Pedro-less Red Sox team won ANOTHER title.

So yeah, it sucks. But it isn’t the end.

I covered that in my video.

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