Hey Yankees! Why not bring back Ron Guidry?

Seriously! Why not?
He’s left handed.
He’s a great Yankee.
He’s won big games.

And like Andy Pettitte, he didn’t pitch a single inning in 2011.
If the Yankees are bringing back players for purely sentimental reasons, why not Louisiana Lightning?

Cashman needed to make the rotation younger, and what better sign of that than a pitcher who will turn 40 this season and the team already gave a big send off?

I have already written about this subject this year
. The Yankees and their fans can’t say good bye to their team. That’s why players return to the Yankees over and over again.

But if you are going to let sentimentality rule, why not let Guidry have a shot?

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Happy Birthday, mom

My mom reads every word I write on this blog.
I know, because when I make a grammatical mistake, I hear about it in the morning.

I guess when you are the son of the editor in chief of Neuropsychology Review, you’ve got to be on your toes.

I’d like to get Sully Baseball peer reviewed one of these days.
But for now all I can do it wish my mom a Happy Birthday.

I wrote before about how my mom and her childhood books helped turn me into a baseball historian.

You created a monster, ma.
Happy Birthday, I love you and I am sure I made a tense mistake somewhere in this post.

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