Not to nitpick Matt Cain’s game but…

There was something special about Matt Cain’s start. You could tell early on that he was dealing and that maybe he was going to throw a no hitter.

And it was as dominating a game as you will ever see.
1 for 28 hitting by the Pirates.
No walks.
11 strike outs.

But that hit… James McDonald? The opposing pitcher? With 2 outs in the 6th?
If it was perfect going into the 7th, then it hits the Twitter world. Then you text your friends and say “Find the Giants game… you won’t believe what is happening.”

Instead you let up a hit to the freaking pitcher?

I mean a 1 hitter is cool and all, but it will be forgotten in a few days.
A perfect game at the home opener? That becomes part of Giants lore.

I guess what I am saying is this;
Cain. Not bad. Do better next time.

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Thumbs up for Beckett

I didn’t see THIS coming! And man I love to be wrong on predictions like this.

Seriously, after his first rotten start and his thumb issues (and the Red Sox stumbles) and the arrival of the Rays, I thought today was a slam dunk loss!

Come on. Lousy Beckett versus David Price?
But nope.
Not only did they win, but Beckett was a whole lot of awesome.

I love THIS Beckett.
Now I am not going all crazy thinking the Red Sox are suddenly a playoff team.

But man, if there is an “All You Can Eat Crow Buffet” I would LOVE to visit, it is the “Josh Beckett is done” prediction.

Come on Beckett!
Don’t have this be a fluke.

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