Giants… use Romo as the closer

The Giants have many talented relievers to fill Brian Wilson’s shoes as he will probably miss the rest of the season with elbow surgery. Santiago Castilla and Javier Lopez could get a shot to replace him.

But Sergio Romo needs to be the closer for at least the next few weeks.
He has a great strikeout per nine inning rate and you need someone who can strike out a batter to pitch the close innings.

Plus he doesn’t walk many. But that’s not why I think he should close.

He’s got a beard and a screw loose. And Giant fans need a closer with a beard and a screw loose. At least for a few minutes while they get used to a year without Wilson coming out of the pen.

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8-1… and 81

The Dodgers are 8-1.
The last time they were 8-1, it was 1981. And if you are a Dodger fan, you KNOW what that year means.

Of course it was Fernandomania and the Monday homer and the World Series title.
It was also the year that the great infield of Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell and Ron Cey got their World Series rings.

Dodger stars like Pedro Guerrero, Steve Yeager, Reggie Smith, Burt Hooton, Bob Welch and Jerry Reuss got to become World Champs. And they got to exact some revenge on the Yankees.

Lots of good feelings about that team. Seriously, wouldn’t the legacy of the Dodgers be worse if those players retired without a Would Championship?

It was part of that 1980s glory years in Los Angeles. Twice in that decade the Lakers and Dodgers were the defending champions at the same time.

Will this be another glorious time in LA?
Remember I picked the Dodgers to win the West.

That pick may have looked bonkers, but here are 8 wins they won’t have to make up later.

Is there a World Series title in the air?
Not likely, but did YOU pick the Cardinals to win it all last year?

It’s beginning to look like good times in Chavez Ravine.
I guess a McCourt-ectomy would do that.

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Oakland and Seattle are playing AGAIN? Seriously?

What the hell?
I made a post about them playing each other 162 times this year.

How far off can I be?
They’ve been playing for weeks now and save for 4 games, they have only seen each other.

I’m starting to think this is because nobody wants to play them!
That they have zero box office drawing power and they were pushed aside come scheduling.

They remind me of that couch during the Omega rush at the beginning of Animal House.

Remember when Pinto and Flounder were trying to mingle? Then Neidermayer and Greg would keep bringing them back to the couch.

“This is Clayton, Sidney, Jugdish, Mohammed…”

Should the Mariners and A’s join them on the couch?

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