Red Sox… forfeit the game and play an Old Timers Game

I’m dead serious.
The Red Sox are going to lose tonight. We all know it. And it is going to be the ESPN Game and whatever insane Sox fans actually show up to Fenway after last night’s debacle are going to arrive depressed.

So why not do something cool?
Say “Yankees… you have the win. We’re going to do something actually enjoyable for the fans.”

Split them alumni into two teams: Team Pesky and Team Doerr.

And have the made up of players from every era. The ’67 Impossible Dream… the ’75, ’86 and Morgan Magic Crew. The 99 team and the ’04 Champs… they play a scrimmage with the fans cheering them on.

Maybe even have a Home Run Derby. Canseco and Mo Vaughn are there for God’s sake.

Look me in the eye and say you’d rather watch the current Red Sox team lose than that game!
I bet ESPN would rather air that too.

Just do it.

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Jurassic Park answers the question "Should I watch tonight’s Sox/Yankees game?"

The beauty of baseball is that no matter how great you play or how painful the loss is, there is always a game the next day.

That beauty is on display tonight. After one of the worst games in the HISTORY of the Red Sox (that’s saying something) the Sox and Yankees have to play again tonight.

They have to. It is in the schedule. There is no choice. It is the ESPN game.

But should we WATCH it?

I thought about tonight’s game and it brought to mind a line Jeff Goldblum had in Jurassic Park.
When he was criticizing the casual use of awesome technology by Richard Attenborough’s character he said “your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Well Red Sox fans… we COULD watch this game, but stop and think if you should.
It is Sunday night. Spend time with your family. There is good stuff on TV. Read a book. Get some sleep.

Leave the game to the extinct Red Sox.

(Yes, this is my SECOND Red Sox/Yankees Jurassic Park comparison.)

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Positivity! L.A. and Washington… be happy you aren’t Boston

In the aftermath of yesterday’s misery, I found being relieved by two other games. I saw the Nationals win in extra innings (despite a blown save by Brad Lidge) and I also watch my local team, the Dodgers, beat the lowly Astros.

Both Washington and Los Angeles (the only team that plays in Los Angeles) have won 12 games already. They are 13% of the way to a 90 win season already.

And they are winning in truly exciting ways. The Dodgers have tied the Rangers for the best record in the game so far and have a 4 1/2 game lead. It’s early, sure. But these are games they don’t have to make up. And Matt Kemp seems to be on a mission, asking “Still think Ryan Braun is better than me?”

And Dee Gordon should become the face of the post steroid era. Also this Kershaw kid isn’t bad.

Meanwhile in Washington, the Nats are in first. Will they be there all year? I don’t know and neither do you. Remember how all year last season people kept saying “This Diamondback team is a fluke, they will fall”?

Did they?

OK, so Lidge blew a lead for Stephen Strasburg. And yes the team’s lineup doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of men.

But that actually works in their favor. If the lineup heats up, they may actually be the exact kind of team that takes advantage of other teams injuries and dysfunctions.

Look, these two teams could be feasting on other disappointing teams and go on a huge losing streak.

But right now they are young, exciting and fascinating teams that are fun to watch.
You know, everything the Red Sox AREN’T!

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