It is pouring in Seattle

Sully Baseball reader Chris Kim pointed out something to me.

As badly as the Red Sox and Mets have both played this week, and it has been a truly wretched week for the Mariners.

Don’t believe me?

 Before they started play last Tuesday, the Mariners were one game over .500.

On Tuesday, the Mariners took an 8-1 lead in the 4th and held the lead exactly zero innings. They lost the game 9-8.

On Wednesday they won, 4-1. The problem was it was in front of the smallest crowd in the history of Safeco Field. 11,701 paid to see the Mariners. The “Refuse to Lose” magic is officially over.

On Thursday, Felix Hernandez threw 8 remarkable shutout innings, striking out 12 and walking just 1. Brandon League came in and blew the game in the 9th as Seattle lost 2-1.

On Friday, Adam Dunn remembered how to hit and crushed a pair of homers. The Mariners lost 7-3.

On Saturday, Phillip Humber threw a perfect game against the Mariners. I am going to go out on a limb and say their bats were dead that day.

On Sunday it was Alex Rios’ turn to discover his once dead swing. He nearly hit for the cycle as the Mariners lost 7-4.

Yesterday, mercifully, they had an off day before heading to Detroit.

The Mariners are currently winning 1-0 in the first.
You KNOW it won’t end well.

I guess that is an advantage of playing in the Pacific Northwest… nobody sees you when you flop.

Ahhh the underrated misery of Seattle continues.

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OK Met fans… it’s beginning

What a difference a week and a day make in Queens.

Last Monday the Mets were 7-3 and were playing a fun and exciting brand of baseball.
And here we are 8 days later. The Mets went 1-5 since and are at even .500.
The one win they had was a game on Saturday that was so sloppy that they should have been playing Yakety Sacks during the highlight clips.

And what has today wrought?
Three massive middle fingers.

Jason Bay is out with broken ribs.
Well, that was only a matter of time.
One more year, Met fans, then you can decline Bay’s option.

Mike Pelfrey? Remember him? He’s on the DL too.

And who is coming into town?

That would be the Marlins and Jose Reyes.

Reyes, the home grown Met All Star and only batting champ in franchise history… the guy they did NOT trade for prospects at the trade deadline and then didn’t bid against the Marlins for his services.

As of this post, the Mets are 8-8 and the Marlins are 7-8.

Call me crazy, but I have a feeling this will be the last time the Marlins are looking up at the Mets.

I have been screaming for the Mets to rebuild since the end of the 2009 season.
How much older and injured does this team need to get with their best players playing elsewhere before someone listens to me?

The long year begins NOW!

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Peavy… your start wasn’t bad, but we’ve seen better

For the second straight day in the second city in as many days, the White Sox bullpen had the night off as the starting pitcher went the full nine and kept the opposing team off the scoreboard. Granted they were the Mariners and A’s, not exactly powerhouses, but they are still technically big league teams.

Normally when a former Cy Young Award winner is making a comeback after years of injuries and shows his own dominant form, it is the best pitching news a team can get.

Usually a 3 hit shutout on 107 pitches would be the pitching highlight of the week, if not the month.

But sorry, Jake Peavy. You weren’t even the best pitcher of the past 2 days. It’s tough to follow up a perfect game.

Is Peavy close to his 2007 form? He’s 3-0 with a 1.88 ERA and averaging more than 7 innings a start.
Is Phillip Humber going to have a good year? Well he’s made 2 starts this year and one was pefect.

The other starters, John Danks, Gavin Floyd and Chris Sale, are all talented.
Is this White Sox team a potential contender?

They are tied with division favorite Tigers for first right now. And the best way for teams to catch people by surprise is to have pitching depth.

And maybe the team is a little more relaxed without the Ozzie Guillen circus.

It would help if they played the A’s and Mariners all year.

Gavin Floyd… you are pitching tonight.
Let’s just say if the White Sox go to the bullpen or you let up a single run, we won’t be impressed.

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