How do you know things are going well for the Nationals?

At 14-4, the Nationals are currently the best team in the National League. Who knows how long this hot streak will last but when things are going well, strange things happen.

The pitching staff’s 26 inning scoreless streak was snapped by the Padres who managed to post 2 runs on the board.

So what did the pitching staff do to even that out?
They drove in 2 runs on their own.

Starter Jordan Zimmerman drove in a run with a second inning single.
Not to be outdone, reliever Tom Gorzelanny logged one of my favorite kind of saves (the 3 inning mop up save) and smacked an RBI single of his own in the 8th.

The Nationals are 10 games over .500.
Oh that will end eventually but man, watch them now while the getting is good.

When RELIEVERS are driving in runs, you know it is a good stretch!

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