Matt Carpenter is topping Albert Pujols

Remember how the defection of Albert Pujols from the World Champion Cardinals seemed so devastating?

Remember how it represented everything wrong in baseball? How it symbolized greed over loyalty? How Pujols turned his back on a great legacy for the selfish satisfaction of a payday? How the proud Cardinals franchise was stripped and the Angels were about to buy themselves more wins?

Well now we are a month into the season.
Yes there are 5 more months to go, so there is a lot of baseball to be played.

But a month is not a SMALL sample size either.
As of right now, the poor Cardinals are 14-8, tied for second best in the National League and leading the division by 3 games.

The Angels are a mess. They are 8-15 already 9 games behind the Rangers.

And how is the first base slot doing for the Cardinals?
Matt Carpenter is out hitting, out slugging and has an OPS more than 200 points higher than Pujols.

In the home run department? Carpenter has infinitely more.
1 to 0.

Will this last? I’d say “Of course not” but we’ve all been expecting for Pujols to bust out. If that happens it will be this month and not last.

And oh yeah. He’s making $11.5 million less than Pujols.

The Angels had better hope this is the yips.
Pujols is on contract for this Presidential election, the next one and the one after that.

The Cardinals? Could they have dodged one of the biggest bullets in baseball history?

It’s early. (But not THAT early.)
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