The best part of yesterday…

May 2, 2012 was as great a regular season day that you will ever see.

3 walk off homers and another extra inning game winner by the Marlins.

The Royals won in the 9th inning, and two MVPs from a decade ago launched walk off shots (Giambi and Chipper.)

The Rays came back to make James Shields a 5 game winner. And Jeff Suppan came out of nowhere to get a win.

And oh yeah, Jered Weaver threw a no hitter.

Do you know what all of that did?
It took ALL the attention from the stupid Roger Clemens trial and, as Subway Squawkers called it, Andy Pettitte’s Frankie Pentangelli moment.

I begged Roger to settle last July.
He didn’t and the trial is going on.

And I couldn’t care less. There’s too much great baseball being played.

Roger took juice and Andy wants to have his friendship back. End of story. Let’s play ball.

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