Mixed thoughts on Turn Back The Clock Uniforms in Texas

I am a big fan of turn back the clock nights at stadiums. In fact when the A’s and Pirates wore retro uniforms, it was not only one of the coolest games of the 2010 but also THE best local broadcast I ever saw.

Today the Texas Rangers turned back the clock against the California Angels. (Hey, when they wear those unis, you can drop all of the Los Angeles of Anaheim nonsense.)

I have some positive and negative things to say about the threads.

The Angels uniforms aren’t bad. I wish they would go back to the dark blue crown when they play on the road and wear the red caps at home.

But I had to look up if they were accurate or not. I never remembered them having the lower case a on the front of the uniform.

(Evidently they did in the early 1970s.)

As much as I like seeing the old uniforms, they did make me appreciate the modern version a little bit more.

The lower case letters on the chest look a little odd. Make them capital letters and maybe you have their away uniforms. (And keep the pants with the built in belts.)

The Rangers?

Oh man, this organization just has had a hard time getting their uniforms right, haven’t they?

The Rangers were frequently featured in my “Most Forgettable Uniforms of the Last 30 Years.”

And which was the very first forgettable uniform I profiled?

The duds the Rangers wore today!

I know they were going for the frontier feel with the letters. But they are just so unmemorable and so bland.

Even a dynamic player like Josh Hamilton looks boring in them. Don’t they look like a uniform that a baseball player would wear in a movie where they didn’t get the rights for MLB logos?

Then again their current uniforms are pretty dull.

I wrote about this already, but the bland “TEXAS” front is just lazy. Go back to the red Pudge Rodriguez specials and stay there.

When am I ever wrong about uniforms?

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