Felix Doubront is the most positive part of this Red Sox season

I’ve been waving the white flag on this Red Sox season since last October. I knew this was a rebuilding year.

And I knew that the best part of this season would be seeing some young players get a chance to take over a roster spot or two.

Now as awful as this season has been for the Sox (and it has) and as dead from the neck up as this team has look (and they have) and as dreadful as the pitching has been (Lord have mercy), there are a few things to be happy about.

Will Middlebrooks looks like he could be the third baseman of the future (and let’s face it. Kevin Youkilis is no Brooks Robinson at third.)

Daniel Bard has started to make the transition to starting pitcher.

But the biggest things has been Felix Doubront.
He’s not on any short list for Cy Young contenders and is one crappy outing away from having an ERA over 5.

But he’s a 24 year old left handed pitcher who has been holding his own. He won again yesterday and has pitched well in 4 other starts.

The best part of a year like this is to see which holes can be filled internally.

A nice #4 starter for 2013?
Doubront can fill in nicely.

You see? This year isn’t a complete wash.
The Sox need about 5 pitchers, an out fielder, a third baseman and a shortstop.

Doubront could be one pitcher.
Perhaps Bard can be one and Middlebrooks can be the third baseman.
That’s 3 of the 8 holes to fill done internally. No prospects traded.

Just don’t have Beckett give him any beer or chicken or take him out golfing.

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