I predict the Yankees will try to reacquire A. J. Burnett

Seriously. Why not?
Why wouldn’t the Yankees think of bringing him back?

He’s not been pitching badly for the Pirates.

Oh sure he has only 1 win and an ERA of 5.12.

But take a closer look at his numbers. He had one grotesque game against St. Louis on May 2. He coughed up 12 earned runs in 2 2/3 innings.

In his other 4 starts?
He is averaging 7.25 innings, 1.5 earned runs, 7.25 strikeouts, 1.5 walks and a 1.86 ERA.

Wouldn’t that fit in well for the Yankees now?
Don’t they like bringing back former World Series heroes?

Why wouldn’t the Yankees bring him back?
How would that have been stupider than reacquiring Javier Vazquez a few years ago?

Hell. The Yankees are already PAYING him to play with the Pirates. They might as well pay him to play for the Yankees!

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