Somewhere there is a stat head who is trashing Joey Votto’s day

I am not sure how. I am not sure why. But there is someone who has calculated that Joey Votto actually HURT the team today.

There is some formula out there that has a 4-5, 6 RBI, 4 run scored day with three home runs including a walk off, 2 out, 2 strike, one pitch from losing the game walk off Grand Slam and puts it in the “Negative” column.

Someone is checking his Base/Out/Contact/Fielded/Produced/Reduced/Replacement/Potential Average and realize that today’s game actually brought it down.

And we all know the true value comes from a player’s BOCFPRRPA is the best unit to measure their productivity.

Unless you use ADJUSTED Base/Out/Contact/Fielded/Produced/Reduced/Replacement/Potential Average which takes into account whether or not it rained that day.

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