Maybe the Angels should have acquired a hitter this off season

The Angels have been shut out 8 times this year.
They’ve only played 36 times this year and 8 of those games, no Angel crossed home plate.

Didn’t they pick up a slugger this winter?

The Angels have been a big suck fest in the first 22% of the season.
Tonight Bryce Harper and Daniel Nava each tied Albert Pujols’ home run production of the first fifth of the season.

The Royals and the Twins are the only two American League teams worse than the Angels now.
They are more than a week behind the Rangers. Does anyone see the Angels making up 8 games against Texas?

OK, maybe they can, but pretty soon the season will be 1/4 over. The whole “Kicking into Gear” part of the season needs to happen soon.

With the Angels and the Red Sox stinking, it has opened the doors of hope for the likes of the A’s, Orioles, White Sox and Indians.

The Angels can’t POSSIBLY be this bad, can they?
My pick to win the AL Pennant (two years running now) can’t actually be a cellar dweller, can they?

Maybe they can get a new first baseman.

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