Wait… are the Indians good?

The Cleveland Indians season is little less than a quarter over. And as I type this post, they are in first place with a record of 20-16. They are scored 4 first inning runs against Felix Hernandez, so barring a lousy outing by Ubaldo Jimenez, they will go 21-16. Currently only the Orioles, Rays and Rangers have a better record than Cleveland in the American League.

What are we supposed to make of this?

At this point last year, the Indians were building up a lead the swelled to 7 games in late May. They were in first place by themselves after the All Star break.

Then after July 18, their last day on top by themselves, they went 29-38 the rest of the way and finished below .500.

So there is a lot of time for the Indians to stub their toe and wet the bed.
And all of the empty seats at the Jake (sorry I still call it the Jake) show that Cleveland fans just aren’t biting.

They are a strange team to figure out. Their stats don’t blow anyone out of the water and when Derek Lowe is their biggest star, that’s a problem.

But Shin Soo Choo and Asdrubal Cabrera are starting to hit and whoever Jason Kipnis is, he seems to always be involved in a win.

There are 125 games to go.
There is a lot of room for this team to be awful.

But the first quarter doesn’t look so bad.

I don’t want Cleveland fans to get too excited.
But get a LITTLE excited. Maybe this won’t be THE year… but did anyone expect Arizona to do squat last year?

I can’t figure this team out.
But for now, they are fun.

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