How well are things going for the Dodgers?

Bobby Abreu got a big hit.
Look at his face. Even HE can’t believe it. He couldn’t keep his job in Anaheim. He drove up the 5 to actual Los Angeles and he’s driving in runs for a first place team!

The .208 hitter in Anaheim is a .314 hitter in Chavez Ravine.
His slugging as a Dodger is almost as high as his OPS was in Anaheim.

How well are things going for the Dodgers?

James Loney got a big hit too!

If they can get hits from Abreu and Loney, they might be able to absorb some of the blow of Matt Kemp’s injury.

Keep putting this wins in the bank, Dodgers. As I type this they are the best team in baseball.

I know the Lakers, Clippers and Kings are all still in it now. But when the dust settles for those teams, there might be a hell of a team in Los Angeles… ACTUAL Los Angeles.

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