Happy Birthday Poppy

There are so many things about my relationship with my dad that seems to come right out of the Field of Dreams handbook.

He taught me about baseball. We bonded all through my childhood about baseball. We played catch. I loved hearing about his baseball heroes. We went to many games together and can always talk about the game.

But the nice thing is we never had the big falling out that required me to dig up a farm, build a baseball field and have ghosts and James Earl Jones come together to have us reconcile.

We’ve remained close all through my 40 years on this planet. We’ve always had baseball but we have a lot more too.

It’s my dad’s birthday. He’s never missed one of mine and I never forget his.
So for my best baseball friend, my traveling baseball companion and my dad who doesn’t have to be a ghost to have a catch with me, happy birthday.

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