Have you learned your lesson, Mark Melancon?

My kids sometimes get into trouble. And when they do, I’ll send them to their room and let them think about why daddy is mad.

And after about 20 minutes or so, I’ll go into the room.

Usually the first thing I will say is “Have you learned your lesson?”

I think the same can be said to reliever Mark Melancon. The Red Sox traded 2008 Division Series hero Jed Lowrie for Melancon to be a contributor in the bullpen.

He saved 20 games for the lowly Astros in 2011. He must have been able to do something in Boston.
And he did. In 4 April games, he had a 49.50 ERA, lost 2 games and let up 5 home runs in 2 innings.

Not 5 runs. 5 HOMERS! He let up 11 runs in 2 innings.
He let up 2 walks and 4 hits (including 3 homers) in his final game on April 17 in Texas. He recorded zero outs.

He was sent to Pawtucket, just like my kids are sent to their room.

Now he has pitched a month in Pawtucket.
He has pitched 13 innings in as many games. He has struck out 21 batters in those 13 innings and walked none. He has allowed only 9 hits and has a 0.00 ERA for the PawSox, saving 5 games.

It is safe to say that he is better than a AAA pitcher right now.

He’s learned his lesson.
He said he is sorry.
He will finish his spelling homework and not hit his brother.

The Red Sox need a good arm in the bullpen.

Let him come out and play.

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