The Red Sox are as good as the Yankees this year

Yankee fans, I don’t want to hear anyone talking smack against the Red Sox.
Yeah the Yankees were in first place a month ago. Yeah they were 5 games over .500 on May 14.

Yeah the Red Sox started the season 1-5 and were 5-10 at one point. Yeah the Red Sox were the laughing stock of baseball.

Well guess what?
They have identical records now.

The Yankees and Red Sox are equals in terms of being over paid, over hyped, under achieving embarrassments.

Neither have anything to crow about.
Neither team can brag.

It’s 42 games into the season, just about 1/4 of the season has passed, and both teams are .500.

So I hope Yankee fans didn’t think the Red Sox start was too horrible.
Because the Yankee start was just as rotten.

I have the numbers to prove it.

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