It only took 49 games, but the Red Sox can finally say they have a winning record. And for all games to do it, it was the “Verlander vs. Bard” match up that had Massacre written all over it.

After all the grotesque games and banging our collective heads against the wall, the Red Sox are somehow only 3 games in the loss column out of first place!

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This team is a classic win 5 then lose 5 festival of frustration. And I still don’t think they should trade any young players for a “Win Now” mandate.

They ARE still in last place.

But give credit where it is due.
They are 21-14 since the massacre by the Yankees.

Good job Sox.
I would LOVE to go to the “All you can eat Crow Buffet” for the Sox regarding their contender status!

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