Smile! It’s good to be a Met

That was an amazing weekend that just finished up in Queens.
Jonathan Niese went 6 innings, no runs and struck out 10 Cardinals and that was by FAR the worst pitching performance of the weekend.

R. A. Dickey’s complete game shutout was a hell of a Silver Medal.
Of course Johan Santana threw the great regular season masterpiece that Met fans were waiting 50 years for.

But there is something cool happening in Queens and I am slowly becoming a believer.
The Mets are tied for first.
The Mets are exciting.
The Mets are fun.

Now I WOULD eat crow and say “Man, I was wrong” when I wrote all sorts of posts saying that the Mets were no good.

But I wasn’t wrong.
And there is no reason to eat crow.

I was right.
The Mets team filled with overpriced veterans was no good.

The Mets team that is relying on Lucas Duda, Josh Thole and Kirk Nieuwenhuis is good. They are young and hungry and don’t have the whole “We’re not big enough to win in New York” BS hanging over them.

Take all of the big priced free agents and pickups the Mets have made over the past few years and I bet none of them are as popular with Met fans as Duda or Mike Baxter.

They are spitting in the face of the concept of “You need big stars in New York to get the fans attention.”

BS. I’ve been saying that is BS forever. You need good baseball players who play hard and want to win.

The best fortune for the Mets have been their bad injury fortune.
They had to play these kids.

They were given no choice except to do the thing they should have done years ago.

And it is paying off.
The First Place New York Mets… the Last Place Philadelphia Phillies.

How cool is THAT Mets fans?

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