Seriously… Go to Oakland A’s games!

This is getting a bit crazy.
In the A’s last 11 games, they had walk off hits in 6 of them.
Recently they have better than a 1 in 2 chance of seeing a game end with the winning run crossing the plate.

I predicted on Bleacher Report that the A’s were about to start a 25 game gauntlet that might sink their season. Well, they’ve won 5 of the first 6 games of that stretch.

Along the way they swept four from the Yankees, all games by one run.
Do you know how many teams have beaten the Yankees four times in one series by one run each game?

Try zero.
Has never happened before.

And oh yeah, 11 out of 50 home games have been walk off wins for the A’s.
22% of the games at the Coliseum end with the winning run crossing the plate.

With my Red Sox dead and buried, I am finding more joy following the A’s (and Pirates and Nationals). And why not?

They are actually exciting.

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