Astros Should Sign Roger Clemens…and Bonds, Palmeiro and McGwire Too – A Bleacher Report Article

Roger Clemens is attempting a come back that could lead him all the way back to the Houston Astros.

Is that good for baseball?
In my latest for Bleacher Report, I argue that not only is Clemens return good, but that the Astros should sign EVERYONE that the PED scandal has touched.


Better read the whole article HERE.

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I was a guest on the Podcast A GAL FOR ALL SEASONS

I was guest on the podcast A Gal For All Seasons yesterday. The host Taryn Cooper and I talked about the Red Sox and Dodgers trade, Strasburg’s arm and why it always goes back to the Mets incompetence. The Coop and Sully are a great team, folks! A GAL FOR ALL SEASONS 08/29 by NDB Media Sports Channel | Blog Talk Radio
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Red Sox Fans Should Honor and Say Thank You to Josh Beckett…No, Really – A Bleacher Report Article

No Red Sox fan is happier to see Josh Beckett go than me.
But that being said, we Red Sox fans should tip our hats to the former #19.

As I wrote in Bleacher Report, it is easy to remember the bad times. But never forget he gave the Red Sox the single greatest post season performance in Red Sox history.

Read the entire article HERE.

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