Red Sox give middle finger to their fans

The Red Sox lost a game to the Minnesota Twins where they were one strike from winning.
I guess there is no shame to letting up a home run to Joe Mauer.

Do you know what there IS shame in?
Losing the first three games at home to the Minnesota Twins.

There are not many teams left in the American League that are worse than the Red Sox, so they can’t afford to lose to teams that actually suck.

But then again, the Red Sox suck.
And not the kind of suck that someone would say to a team that blew a playoff series or a big lead like last year.

They are a losing team in August.
They lost a four game series to the Minnesota Twins.

If EVERYTHING goes right tomorrow and Franklin Morales throws a perfect game and the entire team hits for the cycle, the only thing that would accomplish is they would not be swept in a four game series at home to an awful Twins team.

The next announcer who lists the Red Sox among Wild Card contenders should be fired immediately.

I was going to say the Red Sox should give free tickets to everyone in attendance for today’s game, but those people have suffered enough.

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