Red Sox Should Dump Bobby Valentine for Brad Mills – A Bleacher Report Article

Brad Mills managed the Astros to their first 100 loss season and was well on his way to their second when he was fired yesterday.

So naturally I want him to be the manager of the Red Sox.

Think I’m kidding? Nope. And in my latest for Bleacher Report I describe why I think he is the right fit.

You can read the article HERE.

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How stupid is this Red Sox season?

The Red Sox beat the Yankees in Yankee Stadium.
Lester pitched great.
Adrian Gonzalez hit a key home run.

Any other year, that would be the buzz among Red Sox fans.

Instead what are people talking about? Kelly Shoppach sending text messages on Adrian Gonzalez’s phone.

As I wrote on Bleacher Report, this is the lest fun Red Sox season ever.

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Astros fire Brad Mills… mercifully

The Astros blew up the team. They traded everyone away.
And instead of having Brad Mills oversee this minor league team, they dismissed the manager as well.

Perhaps but if they were going to make a move, why not do it now? Why have Mills twist in the wind?

I made this case in Bleacher Report a month ago and I stand by it. If you are going to make a move, don’t have a manager be a lame duck.

You can read the article from July HERE.

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