Nationals win! I can’t deal with another Cardinals title

Going to the bottom of the second inning in Washington and the Cardinals are up 4-0.
The Cardinals would be up 2-0 in the series if not for the Nationals 8th inning rally in game one.

But the wonderful Nats seasons would probably go up in smoke if they lose today. Their great season would be torpedoed by yet another OK Cardinals team that caught fire in the post season.

And I can’t deal with that!
I have nothing against the Cardinals, although I confess I tended to root against them in the playoffs because I was never a Tony LaRussa fan.

And sure, a great franchise with a dedicated fan base deserves a World Series title, even with a not so great team like the 2006 Cardinals.

But they had another “Good but not elite” team win the title last year.

Now here they are looking to wipe out the Nationals. If they do who would they face? A Reds team who could be without Johnny Cueto or a Giants team who forgot how to hit.

If the Nationals don’t win this series, we might be looking at ANOTHER St. Louis World Championship.

And people would look at 2004 to 20012 and say “Man, they won four pennants and three World Series titles. They must have been a dynasty.”

And I guess they would be. A dynasty that coasts on a B- report card until October.

I don’t want a champion like that.
I wouldn’t mind seeing a team like the Nationals, great all season, win. Or the Giants who struggled against the Dodgers before turning it on or the Reds who were underrated all year represent the National League.

Remember the 2006 Padres and Mets? They had great regular seasons but they were clotheslined by that odd 2006 Cardinals team.

Remember last year’s Phillies team that had visions of being the greatest sports team in Philadelphia history?

Remember the 2011 Brewers who looked to finally get back to the World Series?

History won’t.
They’ll remember a Cardinals team that got hot.

So now here we go. A Cardinals team that was the second Wild Card team is lining everything up for another World Series.

The Dodgers couldn’t stop them.
The Braves couldn’t stop them.
The Nationals are putting up a feeble defense.

Someone please stop them.

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