Wait… I’m supposed to get WORK done today?


After a day and night filled with shocking homers, debates over benched pitchers, Cy Young award winners coming out of the bullpen, a three time MVP benched and his pinch hitter supplying a game tying and game winning homer, and the lowest paid team in the American League scoring three runs in the bottom of the 9th to stay alive… I’m supposed to concentrate on something other than baseball?

Is this a joke?

I live in California. It is 10:45AM as I am typing this. And guess what? The games have already started!

A potential 12 hours of baseball, two deciding games and the other two potential elimination games.

Baseball is the greatest sport there is. Last night and today is proof. Why?

 Because the Giants played their guts out to stay alive, the Yankees stormed back to take control, the Cardinals broke the Nationals heart and the A’s had one of the great 9th innings EVER. When do they all play next? In less than 12 hours.

Take your Bye Weeks and and days in between games. Baseball playoffs are just better.

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