A fact about the Yankees offense

Through 3 in Game 2 of the ALCS here is how the Yankees scoring has broken down.

In the Division Series and ALCS the Yankees have scored 10 runs in 6 innings against the closers Johnson and Valverde and 10 runs in 55 innings against everyone else.

If the Orioles and Tigers closers could have closed out their innings, the Yankees offense would be historically bad.

Here’s a tip. Leave in the 8th inning pitcher against the Yankees.
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How did the Giants allow Madison Bumgarner to jump from space today?

Seriously. I thought players had clauses in their contracts preventing them from skiing and playing basketball and things that can risk serious injury.

But today, San Francisco Giants starter Madison Bumgarner put all those daredevils to shame with his amazing leap. From a capsule in space, the All Star left hander jumped 128,000 feet, roughly 24 miles from the atmosphere to the ground.

As impressive as the jump was, the fact that he did it on a day where he had a start in the NLCS is mindboggling.

That puts to shame Deion Sanders playing an NFL game and being in uniform for the 1992 NLCS on the same day.

I wonder if Tim McCarver will have harsh words for Bumgarner and his start.

So it was impressive, but a tip from your pal Sully. Next time you jump from space, do it on an off day.

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I may hate the Yankees, but Jeter breaking his ankle sucks

I am no Yankee fan. I get some sick pleasure in seeing Derek Jeter at the end of a Yankee series loss where he stares off and looks angry.

I took no pleasure in seeing Derek Jeter’s ankle give out on him.
This stinks. I like seeing the Yankees at full strength lose.

But seeing a player get hurt is awful.

This loss would have been devastating for the Yankees had Jeter played the whole game. They would have wasted Pettitte’s outing and the Ibanez home run.

The loss at home put the Yankees in a 0-1 hole knowing that Justin Verlander will be waiting for them in Detroit for Game 3.

Game 2 became a must win for the Yankees and one they will be playing tomorrow afternoon, their fifth straight day with a game.

But now the shadow of Jeter will cast a pall over the game.

The team can’t hit. And now they lost their leader. And this was the same year that they lost Mariano Rivera.

The cruel irony is this would not have happened had Ibanez struck out.
If the Yankees lost in 9 innings, Jeter would be ready to play tomorrow.

Instead he is gone and who knows if he will ever play shortstop again.

Someone needs to take the leadership role of the team.

But the 2012 season might be over for the Yankees.
I take glee in seeing the Yankees eliminated.

I take no pleasure in seeing their fallen captain taken off the field.

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