We have ourselves an NLCS

After the Division Series got off to such a rousing start, the prospects of an LCS to match it seemed remote.

Sure the Tigers and Yankees played a thrilling Game 1 extra inning affair, but it has been overshadowed by Jeter’s injury and the Yankees inept hitting and the fact that Verlander will probably put the Yankees in an 0-3 hole.

And the Cardinals put the Giants in an 0-1 hole with Chris Carpenter on the mound.

Well the Marco Scutaro show began.

First of all, I do not think Matt Holliday’s slide was dirty. I think it may have been overly aggressive but not dirty. And this is the NLCS. Things are going to get rough.

The problem for Holliday was that it came back to bite him when he let Scutaro’s hit roll between his legs to let a fifth run score. And when Scutaro had to leave, Ryan Theriot contributed with a two run single of his own.

But the hero was Ryan Vogelsong. If he stubbed his toe on the mound, then this series would be as good as done.

Now the Giants are heading to St. Louis with Matt Cain on the hill and evidently (and brilliantly) Tim Lincecum on the bump for Game 4.

I am clearly rooting for the Giants so I want them to win in five. But if they can make sure they at least come back to San Francisco up 3-2, then they are in great shape.

Either way, the clash of the last two World Series champs should be more interesting than the rise of the Tigers and the collapse of the Yankee dynasty.

On to St. Louis. Let’s make this fun. Follow sullybaseball on Twitter

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